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BIGSEK stands for?

  • -B for Brave
  • -I for Intelligent
  • -G for Generous
  • -S for Share
  • -E for Experience
  • -K for Knowledge
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  • Identity, Vision and Mission

    Share Experience Knowledge Organization (SEKO) is developed from a facilitator and consultant team of Share Experience Knowledge (SEK), which is an NGO serving for public benefits in capacity development through sharing experience knowledge, in the purpose to be a part in national development and to increase human resource with real capacity and ability. SEKO envisions every human resource in Cambodia to have real capacity and ability in making their future have prosperity, progressiveness, peace, harmony and happiness; and SEKO has its mission to provide demand-driven capacity development by sharing experience knowledge to learners, employees and employers.


    1. Brave: is the positive light of high commitment in implementation.

    2. Intelligent: is the positive light of talent in implementation.

    3. Generous: is the positive light of kindness in implementation.

    Summary Background

    On June 01, 2011, Share Experience Knowledge (SEK) was founded and established, but no any activities of sharing, yet. That time, the founder started to communicate with others who are possible and available to share their experience knowledge to the public.

    On February 16, 2012, BIGSEK Central (, the electronic database of SEK, was launched for sharing experience knowledge with some useful documents to serve and to satisfy all the people with the need of endless experience knowledge, to develop their capacity as well as their society.

    On October 26, 2012, even we have found that number of participating sharers was a few only, and sharing culture was still a big challenge, SEK still had been trying to survey by Facebook Society, and to develop its strategies to achieve its goals accordingly. Taking time of these, SEK team decided to stop the activity of sharing for a while, to pay attention on developing a new strategy.

    On October 21, 2013, restarting date, SEK's logo and BIGSEK Central was reviewed and developed to be professional in sharing experience knowledge and improving good communication to increase number of sharers and readers.

    On November 21, 2013, Share Experience Knowledge (SEK) was developed to be an NGO called Share Experience Knowledge Organization (SEKO). Then, SEKO was registered at the Cambodian Ministry of Interior (MoI) on Jan 28, 2014. After that, SEKO was also registered at the Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) in the U.S on February 19, 2014.

    Key Quotes of Learning

  • The most important teacher in your life is your experience knowledge.
  • Take risk! If you win, you will be happy. Even if you lose, you will be wise.
  • Make your life hopeful, learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow.
  • Be a model of sharing for improvement rather than a model of criticizing just for fun.
  • Share whatever that you got real experience rather than whatever you just imagined.
  • Target-Group Levels

  • Student Level : Successful ways to study and to get a job for their enabling start.
  • Individual Level : Knowledge, skills and attitudes for their enabling ability.
  • Organizational Level : Internal managing systems for their enabling management.
  • Society Level : Institutional context or environment for their enabling framework.
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