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BIGSEK stands for?

  • -B for Brave
  • -I for Intelligent
  • -G for Generous
  • -S for Share
  • -E for Experience
  • -K for Knowledge
  • Useful Links

  • -MOEYS of Camboda
  • -Google
  • -YouTube
  • -Facebook
  • -Bong Thom Dot Com
  • -Fresh News
  • -Koh Santepheap Daily
  • -VOA
  • -RFA
  • -Post Khmer
  • -Phnom Penh Post
  • -Khmer24
  • Call for Articles

    On behalf of SEKO, we have an honor to inform you all that if you would like to share your experience knowledge with us, on our website, please feel free to contact our team. Any article can be considered if it is founded that it will be useful for student level, individual level, organizational level or society level. So, if you are interested in sharing any useful article of experience knowledge, please follow the guideline below.

  • -Step 1: Submit your interested title to our team via, for approval.
  • -Step 2: After getting approval, write basically on our criteria and format of article writing.
  • -Step 3: Submit your article in both Khmer and English, to be reviewed by our team.
  • -Step 4: After reviewed, check our team's comment, and feedback to our team if you have.
  • -Step 5: After agreement between you and our team, we publish and share your article.
  • Please note that no deadline for any submission, but it should be as soon as possible.

    Call for Partners

    SEKO is looking for any partners to sponsor any advertising pages on its website, to sustain as well as to improve the activity of sharing experience knowledge. Moreover, SEKO is also looking for any partners to cooperate in any one(s) of the five main activities included: sharing, training, facilitating, coaching, and consulting.

    For more detail, please contact our SEKO team by sending an email to or by calling our SEKO team via 012 282 761.

    Announcement of Training Workshops

  • (No information of any upcoming workshops! Thanks!)
  • Key Quotes of Learning

  • The most important teacher in your life is your experience knowledge.
  • Take risk! If you win, you will be happy. Even if you lose, you will be wise.
  • Make your life hopeful, learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow.
  • Be a model of sharing for improvement rather than a model of criticizing just for fun.
  • Share whatever that you got real experience rather than whatever you just imagined.
  • Target-Group Levels

  • Student Level : Successful ways to study and to get a job for their enabling start.
  • Individual Level : Knowledge, skills and attitudes for their enabling ability.
  • Organizational Level : Internal managing systems for their enabling management.
  • Society Level : Institutional context or environment for their enabling framework.
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