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BIGSEK stands for?

  • -B for Brave
  • -I for Intelligent
  • -G for Generous
  • -S for Share
  • -E for Experience
  • -K for Knowledge
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  • Definition of Training

    Training is a teaching approach in which the trainer in consultation with trainees, determining the objective and content to ensure that trainees can learn to achieve that objective, in the purpose to help trainees build knowledge and skills for a certain subject.

    Training can be conducted as a training class as well as a training workshop. The training class refers to a group of trainees who are taught together, and the training workshop refers to a meeting of trainees to discuss and/or perform practical work in a subject or activity.

    Training Service

    SEKO has prepared some training courses for student level and individual level, focusing on some main subjects as the following.

  • -For Student Level: Successful Ways to Study; Successful Ways to Get a Job; How to Make an Effective Personal Plan; How to Prepare and Conduct a Study Research; How to Facilitate Your Assignment Group; Good Presentation Skills for Students; English Reading and Writing; English Listening and Speaking Skills; and etc.
  • -For Individual Level: Basic Administrative Affairs; Basic Marketing Affairs; Basic Accounting Affairs; Basic Financial Affairs; Follow-up, Monitoring and Evaluation Affairs; Admin and HR Management; Office Management; Marketing Management; Financial Management; Proposal Writing and Fundraising; Strategic Planning; Project Planning; Project Management; Report Writing; Teaching Methodology; Organizational Behavior; Effective Communication; Effective Presentation and Public Speaking Skills; HR Policy and Procedure Practice; Effective Thinking Skills; Effective Internal Auditing; HR Labor Law Practice; Finding out HR Position in an Organization; Leadership Skills; Sharing Skills; Training Skills; Facilitating Skills; Coaching Skills; Consulting Skills; and etc.
  • However, to know if there is any current information or announcement of our training courses, please click on here.

    Registration and Procedures

  • -Check our announcement of training course by just clicking here.
  • -If you are interested, send email to us via, to register for getting trained.
  • -You will get a registration form. After completing, please just send it back to us by email.
  • -Before training date, you will be informed about training place for the training course.
  • -You can make payment at the training place at a hired classroom or workshop nearby.
  • -You will get a training certificate issued by SEKO, and you can be automatically received our email informing about any other training courses announcement.
  • Key Quotes of Learning

  • The most important teacher in your life is your experience knowledge.
  • Take risk! If you win, you will be happy. Even if you lose, you will be wise.
  • Make your life hopeful, learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow.
  • Be a model of sharing for improvement rather than a model of criticizing just for fun.
  • Share whatever that you got real experience rather than whatever you just imagined.
  • Target-Group Levels

  • Student Level : Successful ways to study and to get a job for their enabling start.
  • Individual Level : Knowledge, skills and attitudes for their enabling ability.
  • Organizational Level : Internal managing systems for their enabling management.
  • Society Level : Institutional context or environment for their enabling framework.
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